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ByAndrew Jones

Garage Door Repair

Martin Parker

Recently moved into a new home, my wife was unloading some boxes and opened the garage door only to gave it come crashing down moments later, thankfully she was not hurt but we did not know what to do. We called Easy Fix Garage Door Repair and they sent a guy right out to us who assessed the situation and got right to work repairing our garage door. A few panels and two new springs later our door was back up and working like new. Thanks So Much!

ByAndrew Jones

Garage Door Installation

Chris Thomas

We were planning on moving and our Realtor suggested getting a new garage door to give our home a nice face lift to incite buyers to buy. We called Scarborough Easy Fix Garage Door and the next day we had a young man at our home showing us all the different styles and options we had to get our new door. We selected the best look for our home and the next day the team was there to install our door. We sold the house 2 weeks after that and want to say thank you for the assistance with that!

ByAndrew Jones

Garage Door Opener Repair

Angela Ramos

I use my garage to park my car since street parking is not always the easiest, the other morning when I was leaving for work my garage door opener stopped working. In a panic I called Scarborough garage door repair, within minutes they has a technician at my home who repaired my garage door opener and provided me with a new remote. I was not even late for work! Thank you so much!

ByAndrew Jones

Garage Door Track and Roller Replacement

Greg Hannah

I consider myself pretty handy, while I was in my garage the other weekend I noticed it was not very easy to open and close the door. It seemed as if the door was getting stuck. I poked around and saw my garage door track was bent. I tried to straighten it out on my own which only lead to a worse situation. I finally called Easy Fix Garage Door Repair and the man who came out fully understood where I was coming from. He replaced the bent portion and showed me how to change the rollers on my door so I could perform some routine maintenance in the future. Very respectable and reasonably prices. Thank you!

ByAndrew Jones

Emergency Garage Door Repair

Nelson Anderson

My entire family was coming over to celebrate my new job, I ran out to the garage to grab a cooler and I could not open the door at all. I tried and tried only to have the door become crooked and very unstable. I contacted Easy Fix Garage Door Repair and they sent a guy right out. He informed me that one of my garage door springs must have broken. He magically got into the garage and located the broken spring and repaired it right away. He ever got the cooler I needed and worked on his own while my family and I enjoyed our time together. Amazing service thank you once again.

ByAndrew Jones

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Paul O’Neil

After quite the day at work I came home and saw that half of my garage door was bent in making it impossible for me to open the door and park my car. I called Easy Fix Garage Door Repair and they we surprisingly open and fast to respond. I had a technicians at my home in less than a hour. He even had replacement panels in his truck he was able to use after repairing the other ones that were not too damaged. After about a hour and a half of work I was able to use my garage door and park my car inside to put an end to my day. Thank you very much for making a stressful situation a bit more manageable.